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Android Nutters

I’ve been using Google+ since the start of July 2011 and one of the things that I’ve found is that a substantial minority of the users are fanatical Android fanboys. I know that’s not going to be a shock to many of you and it’s to be expected on Google’s social media platform, but it’s become more obvious to me because I post a lot of articles about Apple and that makes me an irresistible target to some. Now I do like Apple products, but I’ve used many platforms and products over the 30 years that I’ve been playing with computers and spent more time on those other platforms. Apple do make very good, if expensive, products and their customer service is the best I’ve ever known. Does that mean that I’m fanatical about them? No. I’ve used Android and it’s good. It has strengths and weaknesses and so does iOS. Google is a large, successful company that seems to know what it’s doing, I think it’s becoming increasingly ‘corporate’, but that’s what happens where money is involved.

There, that’s a rational view. The gist of a discussion with an Android fanboy generally covers the following points:

  1. Apple is ‘evil’
  2. All Apple users are stupid and Apple does well because most people in the world are stupid
  3. Apple does not innovate, it steals (from Android) or buys its technologies
  4. Apple users are all fanatical fanboys (!)
I’m not going to make any rebuttal of those statements here because if you’re a rational person with a penchant for fact, you’ll know that those are complete rubbish, but it does give you an indication of the mindset of the Android Fanboy.

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  1. Simon Persse

    Hi Oz,

    I stumbled across your site whilst watching a Channel 5 program this evening about the airwar of WW1. I am absolutely delighted to find on your site a photo of Lt. Mervyn Whitby Briscoe who was my late grandmother’s (Ella Persse nee Briscoe) dear brother and whom she fondly remembered until her death in 1997. I have conducted a lot of research into his sad loss in July 1917 and believe I have identified the location where the aircraft he and Lt. Burt were piloting, was shot down in Belgium, close to the village of Witschate. I have copies of the military reports from the time which give a map reference (WW1 trench / artillery map) of where his aircraft was shot down and have visited the site and confirmed with a local land owner the location based on the original trench map reference. I have visited the site in previous years and am likely to be back in this area in the next two weeks, as I am still (perhaps in vain) trying to find the locations of two un-named graves from a date near to that of the incident. Whilst, given the carnage of the area during 1917, this objective might be unrealistic, I do think it is sad that the only record of Lt. Briscoe and Lt. Burt is to be found at the Arras memorial.

    I have also been in touch with the current 6 Squadron historian who has been most helpful in providing the information he has available. He seems to think Lt. Briscoe had in fact been promoted to Captain in the field, although as with your research, the squadron records have little information about his short time with the unit. It is sad and ironic that Lt. Briscoe spent 3 years in the Royal Artillery, surviving no doubt against appalling odds, only to meet his end after such a short time with the RFC.

    The photo on your website is particularly interesting as I remember a very similar photo which my grandmother had above her fire place back in the late 1970’s early 1980’s when she lived in the village of Kells, Co. Kilkenny. I’ve been unable to track down said photo since her death and would be interested to know the source of your image, I have another picture which I’d be happy to share if you are interested, along with the documentation, letters etc which I’ve been fortunate to track down, including correspondence between Lt. Briscoe’s father and the War Office.

    Re the Persse family (Ella’s children), 4 of her sons are still alive (including my father) with one living in Kilkenny, one in south Wales and two in England. Four of her children are sadly deceased, sadly missed. Ella was an amazing lady, she maintained close contact with her large and distributed family throughout her life and was (and in fact remains) an inspiration to all who had the privilege to know her.

    I used to share your passion for motorcycles but it has been some years since I last owned a bike but I don’t rule out getting back on two wheels in the future!

    Let me know if you’d like me to send you the information I have. I live in Berkshire so we’re not too far apart and for my sins work in IT (sales = the dark side).

    Thanks for taking the time to publish the information you have made available and I hope this message finds you in good health, best regards, Simon.

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