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Task Management With a Bit of Sci Fi Style

DuTrak Task Management AppDueTrak is a task management/todo application for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It aims to take a simpler approach to managing a things to do list, by removing many of the frivolous additions in many apps like categories and tags (sorry if you like those things). The styling is very clean and simple and bears more than a passing resemblance to the console displays on a certain American sci-fi franchise. It’s a nice interface, but some users miss the option being able to customise the colour scheme. Perhaps a future update could include some other sci-fi themes?

The key elements to the DueTrak approach are the ‘urgency’ and ‘importance’ settings for each task. Urgency defines the time critical tasks that you need to carry out, but these aren’t necessarily important things (“I’ve run out of milk, so I need some now”). In the same vein, important things need to be done at some point, but not necessarily now (a tax return with a four week deadline, for instance). Task entries are sorted in order of urgency and then importance, which little coloured tabs next to each row, showing the status. Date critical items can be added to the user’s calendar for pop up reminders and I like the idea of using the calendar that’s already running my main schedule, rather than having a separate set of alerts.

DueTrak uses iCloud to synchronise tasks between a user’s iOS devices, so you can keep your phone tasks in step with your iPad tasks. The iCloud functionality works seamlessly, but can be a little laggy sometimes. It’s still a relatively new service and is being refined all the time, and iOS 6 will probably bring some improvements in performance.

In summary, if you’re one of those people to whom lists are sources of joy or you need to force yourself to get more things done, then add this to your list of things to try. Warp factor 9 to the App Store. Engage.

DueTrak in the App Store