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RIP Marco Simoncelli

Marco SimoncelliI was saddened this morning to hear about the death of Marco Simoncelli. He was a racer whom I’d followed through the MotoGP classes and had a massive amount of respect for. He had that unique style and flair that set him apart from others, in addition to being one of the best riders of his generation. There is something about motorcycling culture that unifies us and binds us in ways that other activities don’t. Yes, there are warring tribes within that broad church, but bikers will always stand together against the world. It’s this spirit that allows people as wacky (I mean that in an affectionate way) as Marco to be seen as part of our extended family. His loss creates a void in the sport that won’t easily be filled and he won’t be forgotten by any of us that witnessed his highs and lows on the world stage.

RIP Marco. We’ll miss you.